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As buyer journeys become complex, it’s crucial to interact with these customers at every touch point. We can help you create, set up, deploy, and optimize these highest-performing programs. Need help getting started? We, as a leading email marketing automation agency, will:


  • Help you set up complex automation workflows, enabling you to interact with your customers at every touch point.
  • Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks so you can focus on strengthening customer relationships and improving retention rates.
  • Give you the luxury of scaling up your email campaigns whenever you deem fit.

How The Email Automation Process Works

Automation for various needs

We can set up various types of email marketing automation campaigns as per your requirements.

  • Welcome Email- Cast an indelible first impression on new subscribers and set the tone for future communications with delightful welcome emails.
  • Lead-nurturing and Drip campaigns- Convert casual prospects into recurring buyers by nurturing them the right way with automated email drip campaigns.
  • Lead-nurturing and Drip campaigns- Convert casual prospects into recurring buyers by nurturing them the right way with automated email drip campaigns.
  • Post-purchase- Enhance the user experience of your buyers with post-purchase emails that go beyond simply acknowledging their transactions.
  • Special Occasions- Foster a sense of belongingness in your customer’s minds by reaching out to them on special occasions with hyper-personalized messages.
  • Product engagement and Retention- Send your customers product recommendations based on their past purchases and browsing histories and watch your customer retention rates shoot up.
  • Promotional- Shed the spotlight on your offerings and make them the talk of the town with exciting promotional emails.
  • Product /Cart Abandonment- Say goodbye to lost sales with automated shopping cart abandonment sequences that effectively remind customers about the items they left unattended.
  • Re-engagement & win back- Connect with your inactive customers and get them back to their shopping ways by delivering customized re-engagement emails.
  • Customer feedback- Use customer feedback emails to understand how buyers are responding to the products and to identify any issues that need to be resolved at the earliest.
  • Upsell & Cross-sell- Amplify your sales opportunities with upsell and cross-sell emails that prompt recommendations based on your customer’s buying history and patterns.

Customized workflow

  • We will study your business requirements and analyze the behaviors and journeys of your customers.
  • With our email automation management service, we design a segmentation plan for each campaign to touch base with customers at the appropriate stage of the purchase cycle by integrating the CRM into email automation.
  • We will make automated email marketing a breeze for you by setting up simple and complex workflows as per your customer’s analysis, along with specific goals for each automation setup.

Workflow maintenance and optimization

  • We will review automation campaigns monthly and suggest revisions.
  • You will get detailed reports of the campaigns every month.
  • We can also help you score your leads as per automation results.
  • With our email automation services, we suggest recommendations to optimize the landing pages used in automation campaigns for better results.

Build simple and complex journeys

  • We establish an automated process that focuses on nurturing and engaging your leads right from the very moment they are onboarded, ensuring they eventually transform into loyal customers.
  • A series of triggers is calibrated corresponding to your customer’s actions; as soon as they are set off, they receive a personalized email, instantaneously. For each touchpoint, the emails are curated accordingly, ensuring the customer moves smoothly along the sales funnel.
  • We track how the efforts of your automated email marketing are faring by drawing up a robust email campaign report that contains reliable metrics such as clickthroughs, conversions, bounces, unsubscribes, and list growth rate.

Multi-ESP Support

We have experts for your Email service provider

We support 49+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms, such as Salesforce or small-to-medium sized platforms like Klaviyo or MailChimp, we’ve got you covered.


Our team is very analytical and focused automation wizards, our email automation team is adept at error-free journey setup and execution as well as ensuring flawless workflow optimization.


We have a flawless workflow optimization, excellent troubleshooting abilities, and strong project management to ensure 99% accuracy for all your automated campaigns.


Processing 2+ years of average experience under their belts, our team have a proven track record of working with diverse industries.


Our team always looks to align itself as per the contour of your process and workplace culture. Additionally, we are agile in switching between projects and clients with ease.

49+ Industries and Verticals Served

From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. Over 600+ businesses put their trust on us.

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Healthcare & Hospitals
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Our Pricing Models

Project Based– When you need an expert team to set up email automation services for a few email campaigns

Our team can help you with setting up various email automation, customized to match your requirements.

Recurring Projects– When you want help with managing your campaign automation on a recurring basis.

We can assist you with setting up multiple email automation as well as customer journeys on a regular basis.

Resource Based– When you need experts who will work as an extension of your team

Our certified experts will work as an extension of your digital marketing team, helping you set up flawless workflows, every single time.